Klaus Kääriäinen

Dodging 'real work' since 2009 by making games

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Hello you beautiful person!

My name is Klaus 'Kossad' Kääriäinen and I've been in the game industry since 2009. During my career I've worked on multiple fields of game development. 2D/3D artist, game designer, project manager, producer, creative director and chief operating officer. I've also ran my own game company. (twice)

This experience has enabled me to see the whole overview of making games. From the idea, to a full blown product, and what it really takes to run a game company, and to make awesome games at the same time.

+358 505 922 833
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/klauskaar/


3D Artist / Game Designer - LudoCraft (2009-2011)
Project Manager - LudoCraft (2011-2012)
Producer - LudoCraft (2012-2014)
Producer - Expa (2014-2015)
Creative Director / 3D Artist - SIEIDI (2015-2017)
Project Manager - Fitness Village (2017-2018)
Chief Operating Officer - Fitness Village (2018-2019)
Developer / Owner - Jestercraft (2019 ->)

I've worked with mobile games and PC games. Since I tend to play PC games (and a whole alot of them) I find making them more close to my heart. I've picked some of the games below, in which I've done some actual production. 


Gunnheim is developed by SIEIDI Ltd. I was one of the founders of the company, and the team was small. So I ended up creating all graphical/audio assets for the game, excluding the characters + animations.

Hypersensitive Bob

Hypersensitive Bob is developed by SIEIDI Ltd. I was one of the founders of the company. So yet again, the team was small. I created all the graphical assets for the game, excluding the characters and animations.


Airbuccaneers is developed by Ludocraft Ltd. We had medium sized team during the development and my area was 3D graphics. Later during the project I took the project manager/producer role in the project. I also worked as game designer.

Fitness Village

Fitness Village is developed by Fitness Village. For this game, I've mostly worked in the management side (Chief operating officer) but did get my hands on creating promotional assets, sounds and overall design for the game.